The Longest Night EP

by Nick Beeton

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released August 20, 2012

Recorded at Static Studios (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5) and The Humble Shack (track 3).

Nick Beeton - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar (track 1)

David McEldowney - producer and arrangements (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5),
backing vocals (track 2), electric guitar, bass guitar,
strings, various spooooky effects
George Begbie - producer and arrangements (track 3),
keyboard (track 3), drums drums drums
Ariel Pascoe - backing vocals (tracks 1, 5) and general awesomeness

Cover art provided by the talented Ariel Pascoe !

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Nick Beeton Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: Green Eyes
ooh can you take it
take your green eyes and you turn them around my love
ooh will you make it
make a new world to dwell upon my love

we lost our way in the fading light
you can only stumble so far till you can't see the point
and so i left you there in the dark
you better make your own way now

so this is not goodbye
i'll look out for you like i always have and i always will
but i can't be your knight in shining armour anymore
better make your own way now

yeah i broke your heart
don't make me break it again
Track Name: Longest Night
no-one to blame but yourself
the only question is what will you do
now your misanthropic misadventures
are coming back to haunt you

hear the bitter voice inside your head
but you don't have to listen to it
regrets like spiders in your bed
but you can't give in to it

so this is your longest night
sometimes you can't escape the pain
that comes around and brings you down oh-oh
it's just a part of life
and i'll be there to take the strain
and see you through and see you through your longest night again

no-one to blame but yourself
and the feelings inside
you're sick and tired of waiting for the answers
when the answer long since died

no-one to blame but myself
i can't escape the web i spun
your longest night is over
and mine has just begun
Track Name: Survive You
i don't wanna be the one to say
that it's gone too long
i've played this game too many times
not to know when things are wrong
there's no point praying for blue skies
when all around you falls the rain
we'll watch the sky together
until the sun comes out again

so forget all the doubts that waylay you
and all the secret thoughts that betray you
you know i could never deny you
but i don't want to have to survive you

don't wanna spend my life this way
singing lonely songs
i've seen the truth too many times
and now i know that i was wrong
while you're saying your goodbyes
i wish that we could slip away
and watch the sky together
until the sun comes out again

don't wanna live my life this way
don't wanna play this game again
don't wanna hear the things you said
hanging on my wearied brain
don't wanna live another lie
don't wanna lose you from my side
don't wanna let this thing just
Track Name: Didn't Know
down by the wayside near the sea
an omnipotent duck is watching over me
and the sailors come and the sailors go
and the tide is rising rising slow

now the child is wond'ring what to be
and that duck's still watching over me
you can't reap what you didn't sow
and you can't tell me that you didn't know

down by the wayside near the sea
my true love sits and waits for me
and the fisherman rows on the river alone

now the storm is battering the quay
but my love still holds a lamp for me
you can't hide what you didn't show
and you can't tell me that you didn't know

down by the wayside near the sea
the devil's curse takes a hold on me
you always hurt the ones you love the most

if you're by the wayside near the sea
take a minute out and sit by me
i know where the bad folk go
and times i wish that i didn't know
Track Name: The Garden
seasons come and seasons go
their passing marks the time
that's washing over me
and in their ceaseless ebb and flow
i cast out all my lines
out into the sea

reeling in and i discover
the mess of tangled wires that entwine my memory
wading through the hidden patterns
i know i'll see in time
the path ahead of me

in your garden bursts of colour are surrounding me
dazzled by these things that bring you close to me
and all my darkest recollections are besieging me
so promise me you'll wait, you'll wait for me

people come and people go
yeah there's no guiding star
to shine over me
amidst all the confusion
you show
the way you feel for me

so if you're coming to my rescue
don't let me drift
too far
now i've finally dropped anchor
i see
the life that waits for me

and i never want to go back, back into that sea
so promise me you'll wait - you'll wait for me
yeah, promise me you'll wait - you'll wait for me